Working with clients to launch and support capital campaigns is one of our areas of expertise. Having worked with institutions large and small, we have a good idea what you are trying to accomplish. Our track record in the space is hard to beat, and we constantly work to come up with unique ways to help our clients make a strong case to their donors, partners and stakeholders.

Speaking To Your Audience

How you say something is always important, but striking the right tone when it comes to asking people for financial support is especially sensitive. You might only have one shot at getting it right. No pressure. The tendency is to create something safe. We push back against that kind of thinking. Our hope is to make your audience feel a clear and powerful emotion. Sometimes we might want to make them laugh. Sometimes we want them to stand up and cheer. Either way, when it comes to capital campaigns, they should feel like they are a part of something. Inviting them. Celebrating them. Together.

Recent Video Projects

Featured Project

Fueling Innovation

IIT wanted to inspire philanthropy and involvement and find a new generation of volunteers.

Communicating Across Media

Integrating across video, web and print is right in our wheelhouse. It’s how we started our business. While we now have departments and specialties, we are all people who love developing a brand and voice that remains consistent every time it manifests itself. We never simply repurpose content. We taylor it to fit the medium. Strategically thinking through how each tool will be used by your team. Helping plan to keep your audience’s attention by reaching out in the ways that feel most comfortable to them.

Bowling Green State University

Campaign Microsite

Always Responsive

The mobile experience for any website is crucial to get right. More and more, students, faculty, donors and the press are using smartphones and tablets to find what they're looking for. We build every interface with the mobile user in mind.

Unique Architecture

With hundreds or even thousands of pages, websites for universities and colleges need to be designed to handle complexity in an intuitive and modern way.

Working Together

At Madhouse, we work together. Designers don't just design. They step up and compose original music for a video project. Developers don’t just write code. They research a university’s rich past and write a script that tells its story. As a team, we do what it takes to make it better. Whatever it is. When you work with Madhouse, you’re working with a team that is able to catch your vision, build on your momentum and give you a fresh perspective.

Madhouse delivers. Their creativity, experience, and ability to execute have made a huge difference in our marketing efforts.

Lisa Tally | Purdue Research Foundation

Mercy College Viewbook