What’s more moving than a good story? Nothing. That’s dramatic, but it’s the answer. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect way to connect with your audience. Whether that’s energizing your donor base, building your company’s brand, making your university laugh, or inspiring kids to explore, we simply want to make things that are worth a viewers precious time.


Every project is different so we don’t have a rigid framework that we apply to every assignment. But curiosity starts with questions. Then we listen. Next we come back with ideas. Once we’ve got something good, we make a plan to get it done. We write scripts, shot lists, storyboards, schedules, find talent, line up locations, all before we hit record. Don’t get tired yet, it’s about to get fun.

On Set

We want to make the most cinematic story possible, so we haul out every tool at our disposal. We light our sets, direct talent, capture audio, and possibly pilot a drone. We use some of the same kind of gear you’d find in Hollywood. These are just tools, but they sure do make nice images.


Editing is the great rewrite. We sift for gems and carefully arrange them for the greatest possible impact. We work and revise until the flow feels just right. But it’s an arsenal of 2D and 3D animation skills that allow us to take projects to the next level. Not every film calls for it, but we’re always looking for ways to add some magic to the shots we craft.

Short Film

A Great Adventure

The story of how four kids, with large imaginations, move the world forward with the help of Purdue University.

Short Film

Walleye Game Opener

A fun and exciting short film where the Toledo Walleye take over the streets of Downtown Toledo in epic fashion.

University Campaign Video

Fueling Innovation

An engaging, dramatic challenge that inspired philanthropy and rallied a new generation of volunteers.

Short Film / PSA


A beautifully depicted story of a young person finding new ways to do things, changing the world for the better, and inspiring his community.

Collegiate Music Video

Stroh Center Rap

A fresh and fun way to thank BGSU’s donors that caught national attention and almost a quarter-milllion YouTube views.

Corporate Campaign

And Beyond

A family of videos capturing the tradition and innovation of a well-known corporation as they transform from hometown hero to global competitor.

The Video Team

Our team is small, but mighty. It usually surprises our clients when the same people who show up for a pitch are also the people who move the gear on set and animate the graphics back at the studio. We find joy in working hard and we’re more than ready to get our hands dirty.